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I love art and began drawing as a child and took art classes in high school and then college.  But I abandoned my dreams of being an artist and took the practical route and went into business. I worked in banking for around 8 years and had earned the title of Assistant Vice President (one of “many” hehehe…) of the Main Office Branch prior to my retirement.  I retired to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and then homeschooled my kids in their later years.  I didn’t even know homeschool existed or what it was until my oldest was in the 5th grade. It was illegal then and the court case in Detroit began to become public right around that time, as well.  The court case I believe was foundational in homeschool becoming legal across the nation!  I am now an empty-nester, both my homeschooled students went on to college- one to Michigan State and another to Freed-Hardeman University.  They both have done very well in college.  Homeschool prepares students well in that much of their work in homeschool is self-directed (lots of reading!) and there is less spoon feeding at the university level so there you go!  My children and mother have had health problems which turned my interests to health and nutrition.  We now have a cow-share and drink raw-milk and make kefir and take supplements. I am also Osteopenic and am going to begin supplements for my bones.
 My Mom has Parkinson’s and is attempting to go as long as she can before she starts the BIG guns (the prescription meds).  She is taking high dose COQ-10, intravenous glutathione, undenatured whey, raw milk, L-theanine, vitamin D3 and some other basic vitamins.  She has had some success with everything she has tried and has improved since beginning these various treatments. Her tremors are still very much there, but she said before she started her treatments she was not able to sing and now she can.  She said her tremors used to be internal and they no longer are inside her body only on the outside now.  (Maybe that will make sense to another Parkinson’s patient?) She thinks better now and especially since beginning the L-theanine. She says it makes her feel young again!  And this is one supplement that was not even suggested for Parkinson’s, but it is for calming the nerves.  Now, Parkinson’s patient’s tremors are much worse when they are out around people-because they are nervous about their tremors acting up.  So I offered L-Theanine to her to take when she went out-but she felt so much better that she insisted on taking the L-Theanine all the time! We are wanting to try her on Low-Dose Naltrexone next but we must first find a doctor willing to give her a prescription.  We have an appointment for March 5th to talk to M.D. and hope to convince her to do that!  If anyone has any helpful tips on good medical articles and or studies to take to present to the doctor, please post me!

5 comments on “About SaMack

  1. knowledgetoday
    March 29, 2009

    I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Monique
    April 13, 2011

    Hi ,

    I found you site while I was looking for business cars for my small jewelry business. I haven’t been able to find something wispy, artsy, flowery and perfect for my business cards until I saw your desings… my favourite is the patch work flower lover tree. But, I see you only have that in a wedding invite…

    Also, I read your About Me and I wanted to pass some information on to you.
    I found this website….

    I have recently discovered a company called Shaklee. They are the #1 nutritional company in the US.
    Check them out… their quality is the very best because of all the testing they do.

    Can we talk more about possibly making business cards with the flower love tree design?

    Monique Summerfied (owner of Summerfield’s Blossoms Jewelry)

  3. Nina
    August 6, 2012

    Hi, I love your style! Very fun! My sister homeschooled my niece who is in her second year university now. As a public school teacher I highly recommend homeschooling to anyone who has the opportunity!

    I’m really interested in your pine flower tree image for my wedding invitations. I live in Canada and time is an issue for delivery. Is zazzle the only way I can access it? I use canstockphoto often and wondered if you had images on there as well or if there was a similar place where I could download the image for a price.


    • Sandra Mack Weddings
      August 6, 2012

      I am so sorry – I do not have any images any where else at this time. I have not had the time to set it all up as it is much more complicated than you would think. Manufacturing time for orders over 50 is 2 to 3 days and then it just depends on what shipping options you choose. So it can be quick if you choose the right shipping,

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